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About Us

The Educational Correspondence Training School brings the most current course material to you at the lowest possible cost. Offering a curriculum, which challenges our students to integrate their professional and life experiences with the mastery of the academic content required in their disciplines, our programs are completed through independent, self-paced instruction under faculty supervision, which does not require attendance at any specific location, either on or off-campus. ECTS is committed to operate ethically and professionally, with academic integrity and respect for the individual. We strive to cultivate in our students and graduates the same intellectual, analytical and critical abilities encouraged by other institutions of higher learning, and to develop students' competencies in areas critical to their success in today's ever changing social and work environments.


Educational Correspondence Training School (ECTS) is dedicated to the preparation of men and women in occupational skills necessary to qualify them for entry into their chosen career. ECTS offers off-campus, non-residential, programs for a special population of self-directed, mid-career adults by utilizing a combination of distance learning and correspondence methodologies. ECTS is committed to meeting the needs of qualified, highly motivated, independent students whose geographic limitations and/or time constraints preclude them from completing their education in traditional, on-campus educational programs.


The purpose of all Diploma Programs offered by the Educational Correspondence Training School is to enable students to acquire a body of knowledge in a specific discipline, to think critically, to improve their ability to make significant contributions to the missions of their employers, to use their knowledge to improve the functioning of the communities in which they live and work; to enhance their personal satisfaction, to improve their level of confidence and self-esteem through the accomplishments of long term academic goals, and to provide a pathway for students to continue the pursuit of additional life-long learning experiences.

In developing and evaluating programs of study, the Educational Correspondence Training School seeks to continually improve its existing nontraditional, distance learning programs. To ensure ongoing program excellence, responsibilities are shared between qualified faculty and administrative staff. All programs offered by the Educational Correspondence Training School share the following common purposes:

•             To develop an individualized program plan of study for each student.
•             To develop the student's understanding of the language and information specific to their discipline.
•             To enable students to effectively integrate concepts and skills across functional areas.
•             To develop skills in research methodology.
•             To enable students to successfully meet course work requirements without classroom attendance.
•              To instill in students the value of life-long learning.


All programs offered the Educational Correspondence Training School share the following common objectives. These objectives have evolved over time and are continually shaped by students, faculty, staff, employers, other constituencies and the ever-changing socioeconomic climate.

•             To provide students with the most comprehensive and current information available in their field of study.
•             To utilize evaluation materials which require the students to demonstrate the effective integration of concepts and skills.
•             To expose all students to the basics of research methods.
•             To make available to students all materials necessary to successfully complete their diploma requirements, and to provide students access to               
               faculty members who can provide assistance and guidance when necessary.
•             To allow students to complete diploma requirements at their own pace.
•             To encourage students to take advantage of life-long learning opportunities.


The Educational Correspondence Training School is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination and equal opportunity for all students, regardless of race, color, religious affiliation, sex, or national origin. This policy is applicable to all employment practices, admission of students, placement and services to students.