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Entrepreneurial Management Diploma Program 

The Entrepreneurship Program offers a unique learning opportunity to students who aspire to start, or secure employment in, a business having high growth potential. The program helps students identify viable career options in Entrepreneurship, expand their basic knowledge of the entrepreneurial process, and develop a repertoire of venture management skills and techniques

This diploma program is designed to provide instruction in the knowledge and skills required for business entrepreneurship. Program content includes evaluation of  business concepts, development of sound business and marketing plans, legal responsibilities, financial management and competition. The program will attempt to educate students about the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship, recognizing that entrepreneurial skills and behaviors can be developed. The study of entrepreneurship will provide information on generating innovative ideas, avoiding the problems and pitfalls of entrepreneurship, examining where and how to find assistance and support, and applying learning to personal, community-service, and business ventures. Entrepreneurship motivates students and provides them with support in planning for their success. 

The curriculum is designed to provide basic education and background in this field. With satisfactory completion of this program and applicable work experience, students may pursue occupations such as Small Business Owner, Accounting/Budgeting Assistant and/or Administrative Assistant in Records Management, Marketing, Sales, Advertising or Personnel departments.

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Course Number       Course Title

EPT101      Introduction to Entrepreneurship 
EPT105      Business Planning      
EPT107      Business Management
EPT250      Special Topics in Small Business Management         
BUS110      Principles of Advertising and Sales 
BUS120      Business Law 
BUS122      Entrepreneurial Financing  
ACT101      Principles of Accounting     
ACT 103     Accounting II