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Police Science Diploma Program

Police Science Diploma Program is a 15 course 110 lesson curriculum, which prepares the student to enter the diverse field of criminal justice.  The student is provided with instruction based on the foundations of the American Criminal Justice System, progressing through the various stages of that system in a logical sequence of course structure and presentation.  In depth concentration will focus around that of the police officer, where in most instances the criminal justice system begins.  The Police Science Diploma Program has also integrated other components or training and skill development from an interdisciplinary approach, such as Sociology, Psychology.

*    Students who complete the Diploma Program in Police Science will be qualified to obtain employment as a police officer, security officer and/or correctional officer. Private institutions such as College and University campus's also require, in most instances , advanced  training in the field of police science for their departments of public safety, security, of police entities.   Additionally, with the violence that has been plaguing the nations public schools, many are now invoking their statutory rights to create "police departments" or "security departments" within the school districts.
Students should check with their state and local police officer, correctional officer, security officer employment requirements. Some exclusions do exist, such as prior criminal offenses, psychological evaluations, etc. Some states, such as Pennsylvania, require formal police academy training and / or advanced course work.

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Course Number    Course Title

CRJS101      Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
CRJS103      Police Human Relation/Public Relations
CRJS105      Constitutional Law I
CRJS107      Constitutional Law II  
CRJS109      Juvenile Justice 
CRJS 111     Introduction to Corrections
PSY 113       Introduction to Psychology
SOC121        Introduction to Sociology
CRJS201       Introduction to Criminology
CRJS203       Criminology II
CRJS205      Criminal Investigations
CRJS207       Evidence
CRJS209       Handling the Emotionally Disturbed
CRJS 211      Issues In Criminal Justice
CRJS 212       Introduction to Community Policing